Getting started with interval training

interval training
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Everyone desires to get the maximum results in a short duration from workouts. The best idea would be to start with interval training when it comes to cardio workouts. Commonly known as High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) it refers to deep repititions of other exercises including:

• Mountain Climbing
• Press-Ups
• Burpees

This training is quite similar to “Fartlek” training which implies “Speed Play” in Sweden. It integrates intervals to your runs without a fixed structure. Since decades the training has been undergone by:

• Runners
• Athletes

Nevertheless, the training is not only intended for notable athletes but you can take the training as well to let your cardio-respiratory function smoothly irrespective of your fitness level.

What is a typical interval training workout?

Now you have got some idea about interval training but what it is. To go by the definition – this training is meant to check your limits being on high speed but at regular intervals. Hence it got the name. There is a resting period after every fast interval then start again. Under this training, you feel NO pain but can see a high level of performance in yourself.

In the beginning, the intervals might seem to be hard but are not. The training comprises of three things primarily:

• Experimentation
• Practice
• Experience

So it depends upon you on how to make the training function for you. The “Hard” and “Easy” threshold levels are specific to your potential. As a beginner, try to add a bit of difficulty to your “Hard” efforts than just normal. Just do a bit of research and speak with your trainer regarding the same.

Instructions to get started with interval training

Welcome to the interval training workouts! Now that you have decided to begin with the training you should follow some instructions prior.

Get energy with a nutritious breakfast

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Filling your stomach with a pre-nutritious meal can give you high energy so that you can deliver maximum effort during training. Have a balanced meal at night and start your day with a nutritious breakfast before the training. Even it is important to eat post workouts to regain the burned energy and maintain your muscle recovery.

Consider the following

In HIIT you should consider the following before starting with the workouts.

FrequencyInterval numbers within your workout
Intensity“Hard” effort you will undergo in every interval
TimeYour Rest Periods and Intervals

Say you have started intense running with 3 intervals. Once it has become your schedule increase the number to 4.

Likewise, for a stationary bike, the resistance you have begun with is 8 and increase it to 10 when it has become your routine.

Similarly for pull-ups begin with 20 seconds. Once you have got the grip on it try doing it for 30 seconds.

Wear the right shoes and clothes

Speak to your trainer and buy a set if you don’t have one. It is of utmost importance to feel comfortable while undergoing training. Suppose the sneakers you have may not be the perfect thing for interval training based on the session. For high-impact workouts try to wear shoes with more cushions for comfort.
Likewise, your clothes shouldn’t be too loose or too tight that you feel uncomfortable while doing the sessions. Get proper clothes like Tops and Tights to continue your training smoothly and effectively.

Steps to follow at interval training

Interval training can be divided into three following parts:

  1. Warm-Up Session: A must thing to start with any workout training. A warm-up session of 20 minutes gives you more stamina to begin and complete the training effectively.
  2. Heart of training Session: As a beginner, your workout and interval time will vary from experts in the field. Your trainer will guide on this seeing your body structure and physical capabilities.
  3. Cool Down Session: Relax for around 10 minutes and eliminate the wastes that your muscles produce while exercising and recover soon.

Start easy

The importance here lies to build HIIT practice. Start with “Less Intense” before you move to “Intense”. This will develop your endurance which is a necessity when doing workouts with intensity.

Practice the right form

You must do movements correctly for the prevention of injuries. This can turn critical at intervals later on when you feel tired and exhausted. You should follow the correct form of exercises specifically when doing strength workouts. Practices the sessions when doing warm up to make you feel more convinced and make modifications (if any).

Try to put more efforts

The idea to undergo interval training is to gain maximum benefits. Keeping your workout intervals short you can reach (8-9) perceived exertion rate in every interval.

Allow recovery time

Like any other workout, HIIT can result in injuries if you never follow the steps prior, during, and post workouts ensuring you take proper care of your body. Hence it is a must to let enough recovery time amid HIIT Sessions. Generally, you need to allow 48 hours amid high-intensity workouts.

Benefits of interval training

See more burned calories

With the help of interval training, you can see effective results than slow and long-enduring workouts. The “Hard” level of efforts that you put in your body should push it to function harder for recovery. More calories will be burnt within 24 hours post-interval workouts. And within these 24 hours, HIIT can generate 450% more hormones that can result in burnt calories thereby reducing your aging problems.

Increased endurance and speed

Interval training helps to stimulate numerous physiological transformations that can result in improved stamina and speed. HIIT allows releasing lactic acid even more thereby increasing the duration of your workouts. It gives you more energy and assists in cardio activities such as:

• Biking
• Skiing
• Hiking
• Swimming

Get the benefits in a short period by doing regular Interval Training.

A healthy heart

It is true that HIIT can increase your heart rate faster but can naturally reduce sets on your heart. Cardiovascular interval training workouts can boost your blood amount of stroke volume for heart pumps in your every beat.


Undergoing interval training you can see the greater and faster transformation within your body and also helps you stay in shape.



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